Apr 02, 2014
Disney Investigating deadmau5’ Logo

Fresh off his Ultra set in Miami last weekend, deadmau5 has received news that Disney is currently investigating the producer’s attempt to patent his iconic “mau5″ logo.

deadmau5 (aka Joel Zimmerman) has been attempting to trademark his logo (seen above) for almost a year now via his Ronica Holdings Limited company. If approved, the deadmau5 emblem would be allowed to appear on a wide assortment of consumer items like electrical equipment, BMX bikes, paper/leather goods, sporting goods, toys, staple foods, beverages, and other entertainment services.

Billboard reports that Disney made its inquiry public March 28 and is currently investigating similarities between the two logos that might cause confusion among consumers and offer Disney a chance to prevent the “mau5″ logo’s approval. Disney has 90 days to investigate its claim and file a notice of opposition.

In the meantime, enjoy deadmau5′ Ultra performance of his Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff/Levels mashup.