Dec 01, 2010
Dishonest Beats
Kry Wolf - 3001 (Original Mix) [Party Like Us]

UK newcomers Kry Wolf have only been around for a couple of years, but with the recent release of their new single 3001, it seems like the duo is now going to pick up the pace. Drawing comparisons to quirky electro producers like Canblaster, Kry Wolf enters the game at a time when fun, almost silly-sounding electro is set to become much more of a popular sound. Think of it as “Dirty Dutch with a sense of humor.”

3001 is really a fascinating song, because you have no idea where the song is going to go from one second to the next; the elements introduced come from out of nowhere, with little relation to what was going on previously. This is a common pitfall for producers out there, but with this track it adds an element of frivolity that I think the duo was going for. Add to that a drop that sounds something like an electro-vacuum, and you’ve got a song with universal appeal. I can see everyone from the frat boys to the club kids getting down to this one. So go ahead; give it a listen, and don’t be afraid to get a little silly.

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