Oct 04, 2010
Discuss It, Share It, Love It

Well, we weren’t quite satisfied with the options we gave you about how to react to your favorite posts, so today we’re introducing a few new treats. We’ve revamped the footer on each of our articles, giving you direct access to the features you want. It’s pretty simple: read post, listen to song, discuss song, share song, love song. The new sharing allows you to skip the dragging and go directly to your social networking site of choice.

The main new feature is the ability to “Love” your favorite posts. This is a great way to show authors and artists how much you dig their writing and music. Beyond that comes countless new possibilities. In the future, you’ll be able to look back through all of your favorite posts, play them all in a playlist, share a playlist with your friends, discover which artists you’re constantly enjoying, and we’ll be able to help you find other artists that you would enjoy. Now is the time to get started using this feature so that you’ll be all set to go once we roll out the new changes. Note that you need an account to love posts, so if you dont have one, please join us.

Go ahead–start sharing the love!

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