Aug 31, 2015
Disco Diaries 76: Curated By Satin Jackets
Cassara - Fantasma [Soundcolours]
Roosevelt - Hold On [Greco-Roman]
Ben Macklin - Never Giving Up (Mogul Remix) [Modal]
ONUKA - Look (Tigerskin Remix)
Seoul - Stay With Us [Majestic Casual]

Satin Jackets epitomizes the type of music we seek on a weekly basis for our Disco Diaries playlists. There’s truly something special about their ability to manifest the magic of classic disco with a smooth, modern twist, and once you’ve heard any one of a their original singles, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Satin Jackets was brought to life by two friends, German producer/DJ Tim Bernhardt and lead performer Den Ishu. They’ve gained notable traction over the last couple years, with infectious singles You Make Me Feel Good and Shine On You, as well as countless remixes hosted by premier Belgian disco house label, Eskimo Recordings.

Ahead of their upcoming Labor Day Weekend performance, we’ve invited Satin Jackets to share a bit of their groovy magic with us today. Treat yourself to an enticing preview of the show with Bernhardt’s favorite five songs, plus personal commentary below. If you enjoy the below as much as we did, you can look forward to Satin Jackets’ Sept. 6 set at The Standard DTLA as part of L’Affaire Musicale and Ouija Entertainment’s summer Wicked Paradise series. Find details on the event here and be sure to grab your tickets here.

CASSARA – Fantasma [Soundcolours]
This track reminds me of the good times of early Daft Punk. It’s rough and straightforward in its approach, like making a statement. CASSARA is also a Hamburg-based musical friend who’s just released a remix for Aeroplane with my label Eskimo Recordings.
Purchase here.

Roosevelt – Hold On [Greco-Roman]
This is indie pop like I love it. Great soundscape, catchy, with smart vocals. Reminds me of New Order but in a modern way.
Purchase here.

Ben Macklin – Never Giving Up (Mogul Remix) [Modal]
Berlin’s up-and-coming Mogul shows he can combine jazz and breakbeat into this excellent remix while still keeping it within the house music realm.
Purchase here.

ONUKA – Look (Tigerskin Remix)
I’m a big fan of this Ukrainian band fronted by Nata Zhyzhchenko. The Tigerskin remix of this tune from their first EP puts the right house-y feel on it. Wouldn’t mind collaborating with Nata someday.
Purchase here/free download here.

Seoul – Stay With Us [Majestic Casual]
I find the atmosphere of this song very intimate and touching. It brings up images and scenery in my mind. Very dreamy. I used it in my Between the Beats mix and still think it’s the highlight of it.
Purchase here.