Aug 05, 2014
Disco Diaries 21: Soul Clap’s Tropical 5
Wally Badarou - Mambo (Original Mix)
Beat Conductor - Caribbean Path (Original Mix)
Key Tronics Ensemble - You X Me (Slow Latin Version)
Risco Connection - Good Times (Original Mix)

For this edition of Disco Diaries, we’ve invited Soul Clap, funky house masters and proud owners of Soul Clap Records, to enlighten us with five tunes that will remove you from reality and take you to a place filled with warm sands, swaying palm trees, and everlasting ocean waves.

Has that visual teased you enough? If you’re into these melodic, tropical sounds and you enjoy luxurious, beach side relaxation, you’re in luck: Soul Clap, joined by the likes of Skream, Lee Burridge, and Wolf + Lamb, will be spinning tunes of equal caliber at the upcoming Groove Fest in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. From September 9 to 15, Groove Fest will host beach parties, pool parties, boat parties, and club parties at Lifestyle Holidays, an all-inclusive resort in the beautiful Caribbean. If that’s not the true epitome of paradise, then I’m not sure what is. Book a three-night stay here or go all out with a seven-night stay here.

Wally Badarou – Mambo
“If you never heard of Wally before check him out, he’s the infamous in-house synth/keyboard player from the Compass Point studio days alongside Sly & Robbie. This was a musical mecca in the ’80s and the source of many many timeless records including the very best of Grace Jones. Mambo is a prime example of his solo work from the album Echoes.”

Beat Conductor – Caribbean Path
“One of those classic melodies that we can keep hearing over and over again, beat conductor flips a dancefloor-friendly re-edit of “The Path” by Ralph Macdonald.”

Grace Jones – J.A. Guys (Dub)
“Well speaking ’bout Wally Badarou, here’s him in full effect playing a melody so prolific that even LL Cool J had to cash in!”

Key Tronics Ensemble – You X Me (Slow Latin Version)
“Shout out to the Martinez Brothers for introducing us to this record. The producers are Italian, but damned if they didn’t lock that Latin groove in place.”

Risco Connection – Good Times
“We love it when reggae bands cover disco songs and this one really nails it. Fire up the dub sirens and relax dat groove, it’s Chic gone utterly tropical!”