Jun 17, 2014
Disco Diaries 14: Splash House Edition
Mitch Murder - Killer Angels
Cut Copy - Zap Zap [Modular]
Gardens & Villa - Colony Glen [Secretly Canadian]
Tappa Zukie - Freak
Van She - Coconuts [Modular]

And so concludes the second successful year of Splash House, a pool festival held across the Saguaro Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel, and Hacienda Beach Club in Palm Springs, CA from June 13-15. From the colorful venues glistening in the desert sun, to the fans dancing from sunrise to sunset in high spirits, to the impressive lineup stacked with a diverse selection of new talent and experienced legends, it is clear that Splash House is only going to get bigger and better in years to come.

To celebrate the artists who provided the soundtrack to such a magical weekend, we’ve invited five Splash House performers to share their favorite nu disco, indie dance, and synth pop tracks for this week’s Disco Diaries–a fresh perspective from one artist to the next. Press play and read what Bag Raiders, Giraffage, Tycho, Poolside, and Treasure Fingers have to say about the kind of music they enjoy when they’re not busy creating their own. Happy listening!


Bag Raiders | Mitch Murder – Killer Angels
Jack Glass: I’ve been listening to a lot of Mitch Murder since a buddy put me on to him a few months back. You’ll find most of his stuff on his SoundCloud page–a lot of it available for free download too! It’s totally unashamed, unafraid, ’80s music. No f***s given. The soundtrack to a South Beach car chase on VHS. And it rules!

Giraffage | Cut Copy – Zap Zap [Modular]
Charlie Yin: One of the first songs of the genre that I really enjoyed, I have many fond memories of being a freshman in high school and rocking out to this song alone at 2 am.

Tycho | Gardens & Villa – Colony Glen [Secretly Canadian]
Scott Hansen: We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to tour with Gardens & Villa recently and though I was already a fan going in, I left the trip with a new level of appreciation for their music. The new album Dunes is their best work yet and I’ve had it on repeat for months. Colony Glen is a particularly evocative track for me; the dark imagery of Chris Lynch’s lyrics juxtaposed against a nostalgic soundscape make for a very immersive listening experience.

Poolside | Tappa Zukie – Freak
Filip Nikolic and Jeffrey Paradise: Tappa Zukie is a reggae producer that recorded one disco track. This percussion-heavy slab of disco funk has been in heavy rotation the last few weeks. Gavin aka DJ Oro11 sent this to us when we were digging for tracks to put on our new Stir It Up mixtape. Sadly it didn’t make it into the final version of the mixtape but here it is to smoke a fat a** joint to. This stream is cheaper than the 12″ which goes for $300 on Discogs.

Treasure Fingers | Van She – Coconuts [Modular]
Ashley Jones: If the weather is even slightly nice, this is my go-to jam for cruising around with the windows down. Perfect feel-good vibes for the summer.