Sep 08, 2014
Disco Diares 26: Curated By Zimmer
Bondax - All I See (Darius Remix)
Pallace - Joy & Pain
Jupiter - Juicy Lucy (Crayon Remix)
Paradis - Garde Le Pour Toi [Barclay]
Marshall Jefferson - Move Your Body (Tchami Tribute)

It’s time for another artist-curated Disco Diaries playlist, and this week, we’ve got none other than the French disco house master and Disco Diaries regular known as Zimmer. As an avid fan of his smooth, sensual production, the latest of which being Sensify Me, I have to say that his taste in music definitely matches up.

If you enjoy tunes of this sort and happen to live in the Los Angeles area, I’ve got exciting news for you: Zimmer will be joined by fellow nu disco/deep house brethren Goldroom, SNBRN, and Kedd Cook on Sept. 11 at Hollywood’s Sound Nightclub for what might be the grooviest night in recent history. The event is presented by GBH and L’Affaire Musicale, two entertainment groups aiming to bring fresh, cutting edge music to the LA music scene, and this show is the perfect way to do just that.

Now that you’ve got the inside scoop and an excellent pregame playlist courtesy of Zimmer, all that’s left to do is purchase your tickets, and get ready to dance the night away. See you on the dance floor!

Bondax - All I See (Darius Remix)
Darius is one of my good buddies in the scene; we tour together a lot these days. His Bondax remix absolutely steals the spotlight from the original.

Pallace – Joy & Pain
This guy is able to compose and produce music that genuinely sounds like the ’90s. Joy & Pain is an absolute hit–I’m sure it would have topped the charts in 1993. He’s also a good friend, and we’re working on some tunes together.
Free download here.

Jupiter – Juicy Lucy (Crayon Remix)
I’m really close to both Crayon and Jupiter. This tune is a bit older than the others, but it’s killer. It’s actually impossible to put a genre name on it–house meets space jazz meets disco.
Free download here.

Paradis – Garde Le Pour Toi [Barclay]
It’s rare to hear songs in French that sound this good. This is a gem.
iTunes purchase here.

Move Your Body (Tchami Tribute)
This one is quite a banger. Tchami really made this house classic sound fresh and up to date.