Jan 16, 2014
Disclosure Tells Us ‘Grab Her’ In New Vid

The majority of you reading this article probably think your boss sucks. But what if they literally sucked? Errr… sucked up all the gravity, that is. UK duo Disclosure joined forces with Vice’s THUMP and Division Paris to bring you the music video for the J Dilla-sampling Grab Her!, the seventh single off the brothers’ incredible 2013 album, Settle, and in it, they pose that very same question. Not sold yet? In their own words, it’s “like The Office on acid.”

The video, directed by Emile Sornin, features an odd little boss who can’t seem to hold anything down. Dogs, chairs, computers, photocopy paper, even his own pet goldfish–everything he touches floats high into the sky. It’s a bad place to work as the cleaning lady when even the ceiling needs vacuuming!

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