Jul 27, 2015
Watch: Disclosure & Sam Smith See The ‘Omen’ In New Video

The unstoppable team of Disclosure and Sam Smith are back at it again. Following up on 2012’s mega-hit Latch comes Omen, the latest single from the brotherly duo’s highly anticipated sophomore album Caracal.

Slinky, sparse, and swinging garage vibes dominate the production side of Omen, while Smith’s harmonious tenor finds a pocket in a seductive groove. The track’s video follows the story of the female character Mariela, who returns after having the Caracal symbol tattooed on her in the video for Holding On. This time, she’s in attendance at a swank, yet slightly deviant gathering where an unknown tattoo artist is busy at work, just as is Sam Smith, who makes appearances while singing.

As the video draws to the close, A women in a fur coat draws the Caracal symbol on a bathroom mirror, and the symbol is then quickly scanned by an unseen person or object. As sirens, gunshots, and general hysteria suddenly overtake the event, the video fades with a “To Be Continued” message flashed on the screen.

While you await the mystery and intrigue of the Caracal album videos to unfold, pre-order the album ahead of its Sept. 25 release date here.

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