Jun 06, 2014
Disclosure’s Not ‘Frontin” On Pharrell & Jay Z Remix
Pharrell feat. Jay Z - Frontin' (Disclosure Re-Work)

Nevermind if they’re showin’ off, Disclosure shared their re-work of Pharrell Williams (pictured) and Jay Z’s collaborative Frontin’ today, and it’s well worth bragging about.

The brothers Lawrence apply their familiar stylings to the 2003 hit making for a delightful garage modernization of one of their “favorite songs ever.” Soft-sided bass stabs add extra bounce to the shuffling drum beat while Disclosure’s warm chords dance with the vocal melodies of Williams and Hov.

The high ceiling on Pharrell’s range lends itself to the Disclosure sound nicely, which has seen some of its best moments while supporting voices like Sam Smith and Ed Macfarlane, also frequenting the higher ends of the tonal spectrum. Jay Z’s style of verse is less typical of their sound, however the result will have fans clamoring for more hip hop collaborations and remixes from the duo.

Disclosure writes that reaching 1 million Likes on Facebook might encourage them to give the track away for free, so make with the clicks, and check back soon.

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