Apr 14, 2014
Disclosure & Friend Within Work ‘The Mechanism’
Disclosure & Friend Within - The Mechanism (Original Mix) [PMR]

It should probably come as no surprise, but Disclosure is a dope duo. Like, really, really dope. Their newest single, an energetic and fat collaboration with fellow Brit Friend Within, continues their oh-so-annoying trend of releasing absolute magic.

Stepping away from UK garage and into tech house territory, The Mechanism offers up a cheeky, chunky bassline and no shortage of wobbles. The vocal sample, lifted from the same motivational speaker featured in Disclosure’s hit song When A Fire Starts To Burn, adds to the organic and fresh feel of the track. It’s definitely a little bit harder and grittier than previous Disclosure releases, but anyone who has seen the brothers perform in person knows that they like to get grimy. Pick up The Mechanism on Beatport on April 15 via PMR Records.

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