Feb 27, 2014
‘dirtybird BBQ’ Serves Up Piping Hot With Tons Of Flavor
Ardalan - No Excuses (Original Mix) [dirtybird]
Ghostea - Breathing Room (Original Mix) [dirtybird]
Galen - ICANCU (Original Mix) [dirtybird]

San Francisco’s chillin, grillin’, recreational livin’ dirtybird crew dropped an all-star tribute to the roots of the trendsetting house music label on Feb. 25 in the dirtybird BBQ compilation.

The sentiments of sharing carne asada, great music, and (rare) SF sunshine with friends are made audible in the 11-tune soundtrack stuffed with all the groovy tech and deep house vibes the team used to grow their once-modest cookout parties in Golden Gate Park. dirtybird BBQ also celebrates the return of the late great gatherings in the form of a North American and European tour beginning in Miami and ending in good ol’ San Francisco, as it should.

Label head Claude VonStroke calls the comp a “celebration of the O.G. dirtybird BBQ vibe,” and he couldn’t be more right. Original BBQers the Martin brothers hold down the traditional vibes with their contributions, most notably Christian’s Martian Landing–complex, groovy, and a little bit weird, much like their beloved hometown. SF-based Ardalan and other newer additions further the sound with tracks like No Excuses offering sophisticated percussion and vocal chopping. Altogether, they result in the second-hottest hottest thing off the dirtybird after the famous creations of resident cook, Grillson.

Shiba San plates up the standout OKAY, a frenetic-yet-composed house groove with a syncopated bassline delivering a near-constant flow of thump. Ghostea’s Breathing Room trots along on a simple beat made extraordinary by the wide variety of whips, clicks, bloops, whooshes, and ghostly cries leading up to the build, a gradual liftoff into the strange galaxy we observed through minute one.

Back on Earth, Galen’s reverberated, robot-like vocal track and gently flirtatious bassline in ICANCU honors the sensation of spotting someone sexy on the dancefloor. This downright dirty house jam from the SF native offers a clean definition of the vibe db brings to both the park and the club.

VonStroke tops off the tantalizing dish with a continuous mix of the album, absolutely perfect for barbecuing. Pick yours up off the grill today, and check back for more info and dates for the BBQ Tour, kicking off in Miami March 22.

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