May 11, 2011
Dirtiest Dutch
Oliver Twizt feat Casablanca Connect - Double D (Original Mix) [Sneakerz MUZIK]

Boy, do I love some nasty Dirty Dutch music. It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Dutch house track, though, because the genre doesn’t tend to have my focus as much as it once did. Well, focus realigned. Presenting Oliver Twizt’s new Dutchterpiece Double D, featuring Moroccan rapper/DJ Casablanca Connect. As the title might suggest, this song doesn’t really hold back in terms of sexy, down-on-the-ground dancing action.

This song really takes the Dirty Dutch sound to the next level. WIth an absolutely percolating first drop that you can just see some ladies winding to, you’d think you had already heard the coolest part of the track by the time the drop is done. You’d be wrong. The second drop is the best combination of the Dutch house sound with dubstep influences that I have heard to date. It amazes me how the rapidfire 4/4-esque bassline stays in place, but it still has the feel of a halftime wobble section. Note how the kick pattern doesn’t change after the second drop gets out of the wobbly section, but the feel is distinctly different. That is some talent right there, kids. Get dirty on this one.

Good Dirty Dutch is still around, my friends. Be on the lookout for a couple more smashers coming your way.

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