Mar 19, 2014
Diplo, Aoki, Deorro Get Freaky On New Collab
Steve Aoki, Diplo & Deorro feat. Steve Bay - Freak (Original Mix) [Mad Decent]

Three of EDM’s finest got together on Freak, a meetup of multiple styles that plays out like a five-minute musical potluck.

Deorro no doubt brings the thick, hollowed-out kick drums and big room sound to the feast, Steve Aoki serves up some Warp-style electro synths, and Hot Hot Heat’s Steve Bays brings lean vocals for a balanced meal. As the host, Diplo provides the main course in the form of overall production and arrangement, percussion fills, and various forms of musical garnish.

Halfway through dinner, however, someone probably spoon-catapults a scoop of potatoes into Steve’s face (because who else deserves that more?) and our four-on-the-floor dinner party erupts into a food-flinging trap free-for-all. Once the dust has settled, the four sit back down and engorge on the musical medley they’ve left on every available surface for the final stretch of our beat banquet.

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