Mar 17, 2013
Dinka Edges Closer To The Top
Dinka feat. James Darcy - Never Let Go (Original Mix) [Unreleased Digital]
Dinka - Closer (Original Mix) [Unreleased Digital]
Dinka - Spring Valley (Original Mix) [Unreleased Digital]

Swiss producer Dinka is one of a select group of girls who have made it big in EDM, and she’s made it because of pure musical talent. Not only that, she makes music that continues to push the envelope, joining the likes of Sister Bliss and Lisa Lashes as a producer who can define a genre, regardless of gender.

Dinka’s latest EP, Closer, is a perfect example of her style. It’s a mix of progressive house and trance, with lyrics that display a true talent for songwriting, rather than just a flair for good production techniques. The opening track, Never Let Go, is an uplifting mix of progressive house and big-room trance and features vocals from James Darcy, front-man of Irish rock band Futurism, who gives the vocal a refreshing and soulful edge. Title track Closer brings a mix of progressive house and trance, but with a distinct juxtaposition of more uplifting elements and some ambient moments. It’s a theme which comes to a head in Faces Of Bengalia, a chilled and progressive track in which the beat is almost secondary to the atmosphere. This then resolves itself with Spring Valley, a signature chillout track with a groovy break-beat, providing the perfect conclusion to an EP which showcases what Dinka’s music is all about.

Out now as a Beatport exclusive, Closer shows that Dinka is one of the finest producers on the EDM scene at the moment, with a mix of genres that is familiar, yet exciting and innovative–always a sure-fire combination.

Catch Dinka on tour in Miami, San Fran, and LA at these gigs.

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