Dec 17, 2013
Dillon Who? DJ Hanzel Opens At Aragon Ballroom

Dillon Francis, aka DJ Hanzel, gave fans the chance to let their voices be heard when they voted for Hanzel to open for Dillon on his IDGAFOS (I Don’t Give a F*ck or Santa) tour, and we’ve found video evidence of the occasion.

Each night on the tour, he gets 15 minutes to do things his way…the deep way. Hanzel soaked up the spotlight when, after saying, “Make some f*cking noise if you love DJ Hanzel more than Dillon Francis,” the crowd went crazy. Of course, in DJ Hanzel fashion, he continues with, “That’s right Dillon! I’m better than you.”

Here’s a video of the magic being made as DJ Hanzel throws down that deep house, which most likely confused half of the audience in the room.

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