May 12, 2014
Dillon Francis Introduces Australian Alter Ego ‘Treva’

As any devoted fan will admit, the only thing that compares to the excitement of new music from Dillon Francis is the arrival of a goofy new alter ego, which seems to be occurring more and more frequently as the DJ slowly but surely loses his mind in the downtime between headlining shows around the globe.

The latest oddball character fighting for space in Francis’ head is Treva (or is that Trevuhhh?), a 16-year-old Australian who’s committed to fighting the good fight against (what else?) racism.

Unsurprisingly, Trevor is quite the Zedd fan:

From there things take a turn for the weird (yes, you read that right–we haven’t even scratched the surface of Francis’ weirdness). Not one to be outdone by his peers, Rave Dad soon shows up on the scene, snatches Treva’s Oakleys and lets us know his true feelings about Armin Van Buuren:

After that, Rave Dad tells us more about his kids and clues us in to the secret liberal agenda hidden in one of the last year’s biggest hit tracks:

While these could just be goofy one-offs who we’ll never hear from again, the thought of Rave Dad pulling a DJ Hanzel and interrupting Francis during a set to spin some trance tunes has us giddy with excitement. Make it so, Dillon & company!

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