Mar 09, 2013
Dillon Francis Remixes Justin Timberlake
Justin Timberlake - Suit & Tie (Dillon Francis Remix) [Sony]

Justin Timberlake’s new hit single, Suit & Tie, has already gotten plenty of attention as one of the hottest pop songs of the year. The original track, which also features vocals from Jay-Z, incorporates elements of today’s dance culture, making it a very attractive song to remix.

Dillon Francis now has his own dancefloor-ready version sure to get the attention of anybody who loves the original. An EDM junkie can’t ask for more than the soothing sound of Justin Timberlake’s voice combined with Dillon Francis’ incredible ability to make you jump. The track will be released soon by Sony Music as an official remix, but until then, Dillon Francis has it up on his Soundcloud for us to hear!

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