Feb 05, 2014
Dillon Francis ‘KNAS’ What We Like
Steve Angello - KNAS (Dillon Francis Remix)

Noted celebrity chef/DJ Dillon Francis offered a meaty, gut-busting festival trap remix of KNAS by Swedish House Mafia vet Steve Angello today for free on his SoundCloud page.

Revisiting Angello’s 2010 single KNAS, it’s striking not only how tame the original mix sounds in 2014 (that’s not necessarily a bad thing), but also how absolutely out-of-this-world Francis’s remix is by comparison. Angello’s track certainly had all of the elements necessary to concoct a ground-shaking dancefloor killer, but it took the advent of trap and the rise of the Dillon Francis Empire for the puzzle pieces to be assembled just right so that the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

Francis is giving away his KNAS remix to drum up hype for Get Low, his next single and collaborative effort with DJ Snake; look out for that release on Feb. 11.

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