Nov 04, 2013
Dillon Francis Is ‘Zoolander’ For ‘Blow’

Dillon Francis gave fans his best Zoolander (or possibly Hansel) impression with the absurd second promo video for Martin Solveig and Laidback Luke’s collaborative miracle product, Blow, out now on Mixmash.

Mirroring many of the qualities of Ben Stiller’s 2001 film, Francis’ character Olli Springer shows he is educated and cultured by emphasising some of his favorite writers, like Rembrandt, and even pulls a joke verbatim from Hansel (Owen Wilson) when he says he doesn’t know Solveig’s (Sting’s) music, but he respects that he’s making it. Surely there were enough funny people in that kitchen to avoid serving leftovers, right? Maybe not.

Directed by Martin Solveig along with Yeoram Kalfa, the vid is nonetheless humorous and offers fans a chance to see Dillon in a dozen or so highly laughable getups, including Jesus.

pick up Blow here, out now.

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