Apr 15, 2014
Dillon Francis Gets Mom Envy In ‘Jealous’ Remix
Chromeo - Jealous (Dillon Francis Remix) [Big Beat]

Dillon Francis is Jealous of your dad, and not because you have one. He’s mad he “ain’t wit it,” referring to your mom.

Dillon fantasizes about romancing your mother with his remix of Jealous (I Ain’t Wit It), taking his time from the start with Chromeo’s sweet-talking bassline and gentle guitar licks. After the petty pleasantries, his tribute to tagging the woman who birthed you plows forward on a bed-shaking house beat with electro synth for extra “friction.” He comes back for round two in a drop with a slightly bigger feel to it–something she probably appreciated after the first go-around. If this homage to mom doesn’t make her want to leave her husband, then they’ll obviously have to keep doing it on the low.

Props to Dillon for sharing his feelings. Even the most cool-headed and composed of us feel the pangs of mom envy from time to time, and you just need to find an outlet. Dillon’s remix will be available soon on Big Beat.

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