Feb 26, 2014
Dillon And Flux Are Cats & They Go Into A Video Game & Join A Band & Um… Yeah

Flux Pavilion and Dillon Francis co-star as kitty-cats in the totally coherent and logical narrative video for their collab, I’m The One.

The vid kicks off with a common pet-sitter premise, but frame by frame, it plunges into cat-sh*t crazy. For time’s sake, here’s the jist:

Dillon and Flux cats left with sitter and evil cat, evil cat summons pile of magicians’ gloves to life, team evil-gloves plug Flux and Francis cats into computer, makes them fight Mortal Kombat-style. Pet-sitter heads out for a tall boy and some LSD, it would seem, as when she returns, the house is transformed into what we can only imagine is what Dillon Francis sees when he closes his eyes. Cats multiply like Gremlins, gloves pull instruments from the couch, and we’ve touched down in crazy town as our day-tripper pet-sitter takes to the stage to join the performing cat band (who are all friends now, or slaves to team evil-gloves, or something) complete with a Tales From The Darkside stomach-breaching cat lead singer. The only thing for certain is that once homeowner returns to the spaced-out girl dancing around their destroyed house yelling about gloves and singing cats with the real ones having escaped through the door she left open, she might be looking for a new source of Heineken money.

Pick up the single here.

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