Mar 31, 2015
The Digitally Imported Dial 05: Drum & Bass

It’s time for the fifth edition of our series with Digitally Imported, The Digitally Imported Dial, where we highlight some of the best channels and shows available on the web’s premier electronic music streaming radio platform. Every channel is curated by hand, so we’ll hear from the men and women behind the scenes how they bring us the music we love to hear.

The ever-present genre of Drum & Bass is in focus this time around, and its channel home on DI features all of the best music from all sides of the D&B spectrum, including special programming like the most recent episode of DI Journeys, the new interview and mix show series produced by the biggest names in electronic music exclusively for Digitally Imported listeners. Here’s the channel director, Tarlock Rai, to tell us more about what you can expect from the DI Drum & Bass channel.

Tarlock grew up in England, and decided to move close to London after going to a rave in 1992:

I’ve been into collecting records since I was very young; I was the youngest of four brothers and my dad was very musical, so I ended up inheriting all of their sounds. There was always music of some kind on in the house that influenced me–from traditional folk music to the Beatles, P-funk, Kraftwerk, and Bowie, to ’80s electronica, hip-hop, computer game music, acid house, and techno.

I was born and raised in the North of England and moved close to London after going to a rave in 1992–it was the best move I ever made. I consider myself very lucky to have the best drum & bass in the world on my doorstep.

All forms of D&B–from liquid to neurofunk–can be found on the channel:

The playlist is as broad as possible to cover the breadth of D&B while maintaining a focus on good quality music. I make extra efforts to include rare finds, classics, and forgotten b-sides–I’m never just filling the channel with what is currently topping download charts. One thing is for sure, whatever track you’re hearing, it will be guaranteed to have a jolly good skank to it, and whatever subgenre it belongs to, it will be the finest representation of it.

A D&B outfit that runs a regular night in London also produces his favorite show on the DI Drum & Bass channel:

The Launch Drum & Bass show on the last Friday of the month is my favorite–the style is rolling, heavy, and funky. They also run a regular night in London; I’m very proud to have them represented on the Drum & Bass channel.

Tune in now for amazing new releases from V Recordings, Exit Records, and more of the top labels in the genre:

The new LP from DLR called Seeing Sounds has recently been added alongside the Chronic Rollers 2 LP from V Recordings. Also, I’ve added the album sampler for the forthcoming LP Final Approach by Mark System on Exit Records–there is a tune on it called Optix that is pretty sick. Dispatch Records and Director’s Cut are slamming out some pure filth at the moment, too.

Stay tuned to the channel for exclusive content and new live broadcasts from some of the UK’s biggest D&B nights:

In March, the DI Drum & Bass channel hosted DI Journeys, a show produced by Digitally Imported, which contained a special interview and exclusive mix with one of the scene’s heavyweights, Black Sun Empire! In the coming months we’re streaming live events with mics in the crowd so you get can a feel for what it is like to be at a D&B party in London no matter where you are in the world. Most DJs these days are also fantastic producers, so this will give listeners a great opportunity to check out the latest tracks that have just been finished off. We have just done some podcast work with Deep Space Recordings, a label based out of Bristol in UK, which we are very excited about. And the channel isn’t just about the UK scene; we’re currently making plans with Canadian outfit 403DNB. They currently have a mix scheduled every second Friday on the channel and will host a live show on the channel soon. They are responsible for bringing top acts like Noisia, Loxy, Hype, and Bailey, to name a few, to Calgary and have really carved out a scene there. I’m really proud to be working with them on this project.

He keeps up to date with what goes on the channel because, plainly and simply ,drum & bass is his life:

Drum & Bass is a huge part of my life. I am always mixing and around good friends that love the music, so I get exposed to the best and freshest tunes out there regularly. I buy records every week to add to the collection on the channel. I have an insatiable appetite for discovering new music, plus being based in the UK near London is a very fortunate and enviable location to be as it is the epicentre of the D&B scene. Every party is a great way to network and find new music!

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