Jan 21, 2014
Digitalism Solidifies A New Image With ‘Fahrenheit 32′
Digitalism - Farenheit 32 (Original Mix)

Hamburg electronic outfit Digitalism shared a new production today that symbolizes an all-new image “both musically and creatively.”

The symbol of this milestone, Fahrenheit 32, is a bold piano house tune with progressive elements, resulting in a simultaneously modern- and classic-sounding release from the 10-year duo. The tense and gradual build bursts into a lush, satisfying peak and floats down gently for an icy-cool house groove that could just as easily bring chills at a heavier, hands-up festival as it will in nightclubs this year.

Along with a free copy of the track from deep within the “Vaults of the Digitalism Music bunker in Hamburg,” the duo announced some changes they’ve made, which center around the guys spending more time in the studio. The resulting lack of in-person engagement, they explain, will be replaced by a steady flow of new music and creativity
serving as an “image.”

We chose this route because for the first time, in a long time, we found ourselves in one of the most creative periods of our career. Over the past months we have been writing music for ourselves and also for other artists, we remixed and re-edited our peers and DJ’ed some of the best shows throughout our 10 year career. So it seems fitting to let all of this have a face and image of its own, whilst our own faces are busy programming, sequencing and staring into computer screens.

Fahrenheit 32 represents the start of this new creative era, so please treasure this music and enjoy it as much as we did making and playing it.

Pick up Fahrenheit 32 here, and go ahead–“play, download, share, burn, cut to vinyl, edit, remix, bootleg, mash-up, the options are endless.”

Digitalism farenheit 32