Jun 30, 2011
Digitalism Seeks Bromance
Digitalism - Circles [Cooperative]
Digitalism - Antibiotics [Cooperative]
Digitalism - Encore [Cooperative]

It’s been a while since German dance punk band Digitalism dropped a full-blown album. Well, the wait is finally over. Jens and Isi are finally back with a cool collection of ten mind-blowing tracks on their newest album, I Love You, Dude. It seems like all the great EDM stars are partaking in the “bromance trend” as of lately, and judging by the album, it looks like the bro love is working. The album contains two previously posted tracks, Two Hearts and Blitz, along with a delightfully varied collection of eight other tracks. I have a feeling that after you’ve given it a play-through, you’ll <3 it too.

The album opens up with the eclectic Stratosphere, a piece which combines new age techno bits into an atmospheric soundtrack, almost welcoming the listener into what promises to be a wonderful ride. A few songs further and we end up at Circles, an upbeat vocal track. They’ve really got the electronic rock sound down–everything sounds great together. Certainly, Circles is a great example of how genre ambiguity can enhance the sound of an EDM song. Forrest Gump is just as colorful and upbeat as Circles although some segments are a bit darker than others, while Reeperbahn takes a turn into a shadowy corridor with some very dark, heavy synth and violent vocals; a great way to switch things up from the generally light tone of the album thus far.

Now we come to my favorite track on the album, Antibiotics, which takes elements from genres all across the board–techno, electro, even breaks! They have a great wobbly effect built into the bassline, that acts as the foundation of the track. It’s got a very Chemical Brothers kind of feel to it. Just Gazin’ is definitely the chillest song on the album, with an acoustic guitar progression and gospel-like harmonies. Finally, we come to the closing track, Encore. What a great way to close out the album; it’s bright, warm, and feels downright good. At the halfway point of the song, you’re greeted with a sweet piano and bass guitar melody, intertwined with chords of 8-bit synth. The rest closes with digital goodness.

I Love You, Dude is quickly becoming one of my favorite albums of 2011; it’s hard (if not impossible) to listen to this album once without wanting to play it again. You’ll be doing yourself a favor by checking out the rest of the album in addition to these three songs I posted. If you’re in SoCal, be sure to check Digitalism out at HARD Summer Fest. They’re sure to be stunning live.

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