May 06, 2015
Digitalism Ain’t Slippin On ‘Roller’
Digitalism - Roller (Original Mix) [Magnetism]

German electro duo Digitalism returns with a brazen electro-tech number they’re calling Roller and hint that they are returning to the studio to complete their next album.

In an interview with Thump, the duo shared details for their next album and how they plan to go back to their roots:

“Musically, we’ve had quite a journey since our first record. But then, it can also be exciting to go back to where you’re coming from––Which is why we spend a lot of time in our Hamburg WWII bunker studio. There’s no windows, you know, so there’s no outlook. You have to come up with it yourself. And you have to be loud in there, because the walls are three feet thick.”

Roller definitely has enough frenzied synth work to harken back to Digitalism’s earlier productions, making this track perfectly suited for a sweaty, after-hours club or warehouse haunt.

The entire Roller EP will be available June 8 via Magnetism with a couple unreleased remixes, and you can pre-order it here.

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