Jul 15, 2010
Digital High
Joker - Digidesign (Original Mix)

UK dubstep scene wonderkid Joker is, as indie-electro blog Electrorash puts it, “one of those really annoying 20 year olds that has already achieved so much in his chosen field that the mediocre wanderings of your own life start to seem a little empty.” After picking up some turntables at the age of 14, and being labeled as dubstep’s “great new hope” at the age of 18, Joker is well on his way. He’s spent the last year churning out tracks so good that it makes you scared of what he’s capable of in a few years.

Digidesign is the first gem you should get around to. You’ll be a little taken aback at the absence of… well, griminess. Joker forgoes the traditional dubstep formula of making death wobbles to create something far more subtle and melodic. There’s something about how the layers of this track come together that makes it so magical; nothing seems out of place. The sparse beat, haunting melody and buzzing analog lines harmonize perfectly to create a profoundly different dubstep experience.

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