Aug 22, 2014
Diddy & Guy Gerber Release ’11 11,’ Share Album Documentary
Diddy & Guy Gerber - Angels (Original Mix)
Diddy & Guy Gerber - Floating Messiah (Original Mix)
Diddy & Guy Gerber - Terminal K (Original Mix)

We’ve already heard Guy Gerber and Diddy’s thumping new single My Heart, but now, the duo have made their entire debut album, 11 11, available to download for free.

According to Gerber, his collaboration with Diddy is not your typical album, but rather, a place where “two worlds collide and open a gate to another dimension.” In the short Thump documentary released alongside the album, both producers discuss how 11 11 wasn’t created for money or radio plays, but was made for the sole purpose of pushing the boundaries of their music. Their self-described “odd couple” relationship has birthed a purposeful passion project–a cohesive concoction of hip hop and dance music.

11 11 is an eloquent album filled with free-flowing synths and effortless transitions that elevate the senses as you drift through Diddy and Gerber’s dimension of poetic dance pieces. Tracks like the heavenly Angels and Terminal K carry the album into the unexplored realm of the duo’s empyrean experiment. The ethereal Floating Messiah sits on a groovy mix of celestial synth and brass instrumentals before leading into the glass-shattering industrial synth banger Broken Windows. 11 11 eventually finds its way back down to a cooling conclusion with album closers Lifted and My Heart.

You can download 11 11 for free on Beatport. Check out the documentary below.