Mar 04, 2015
Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore To Release First Solo Album In A Decade
Martin Gore - Europa Hymn (Original Mix) [Mute]

Martin Gore, the songwriter and founding member of Depeche Mode, is set to release his first solo album in over 10 years.

Simply titled MG, the album was recorded at Gore’s home studio in Santa Barbara following the conclusion of Depeche Mode’s 2013 Delta Machine tour. Gore stated that he aimed to make the instrumental album “very filmic” and wanted to give it an almost “sci-fi-like quality.” MG follows the release of Ssss, Gore’s VCMG project with fellow Depeche Mode member Vince Clarke.

Gore also revealed why he chose to leave MG as an instrumental record:

“As a songwriter, I am aware of the power of words. Especially when they are juxtaposed in the right way with chords and melody. I am also aware of the power of pure music and the emotions that can be created by musical atmospheres and that is what I wanted to capture with this project.”

Listen to the ethereal first track from the album, Europa Hymn, up above, and see the full tracklist below. MG is out April 28 via Mute.

1. Pinking
2. Swanning
3. Exalt
4. Elk
5. Brink
6. Europa Hymn
7. Creeper
8. Spiral
9. Stealth
10. Hum
11. Islet
12. Crowly
13. Trysting
14. Southerly
15. Featherlight
16. Blade

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