Jul 14, 2014
Nos Encanta Deorro’s ‘Perdóname’
Deorro feat. Adrian Delgado & DyCy - Perdóname (Original Mix)

While mainstage monster Deorro may have recently announced his pending retirement from DJing, the 22-year-old is still going strong on the production front. One listen to his new single, Perdóname, should be all the proof you need.

We honestly have no idea what vocalists Adrian Delgado and DyCy are saying (our Spanish is a little rusty), but it doesn’t really matter; the vocals sound crisp and catchy, and the beat, a blend of Latino heat and dance-pop sensibilities, is highly contagious and designed for crossover success. Around the three-minute mark, Deorro even teases the listener with his familiar Dutch house sounds before a hilarious vocal sample cuts him off.

Pick up the free download here.

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