Oct 23, 2012
Dennis Sheperd On The Edge
Dennis Sheperd - Edge Of The World (Original Mix) [High Contrast]

There’s a voice that’s been haunting me for days on end now, and I have no idea whose it is. Edge Of The World is everything I could ask for in a vocal track, but the voice remains unnamed. The producer is longtime trance virtuoso Dennis Sheperd, who presents this stunningly rich vocal track on High Contrast.

Edge of the World is underscored by an electro-tinged lead that one might fear could only become too gritty for a vocal track, but the lush vocal overlay complements it fantastically. As I’ve often said before, the hallmark of a quality vocal track is an instrumental that can stand on its own even without the supporting safeguard of vocals, and Edge Of The World also comes with a dub mix that lets Dennis Sheperd clearly demonstrate why he’s been a staple of the scene for years on end.

Interestingly enough, Dennis has also offered a “classic trance” remix download to anyone who can show him a Beatport purchase receipt for Edge Of The World; he says that he created this 2000s-style remix after reminiscing with staple Armada producer Benno de Goeij–famous for his productions for Armin van Buuren and as one half of Rank 1–about the good ol’ days of classic trance. This is starting to seem like a bit of a trend, but you won’t hear me complaining.

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