Oct 15, 2013
Denis Kenzo’s Second Lullaby
Denis Kenzo feat. Sveta B - Lullaby For Two (Progressive Mix) [Armind]

Russian producer Denis Kenzo first burst onto the scene with his track Lullaby Lonely, which featured on Armin’s ASOT 2013 compilation. Now signed to Armada, his latest track is almost a sequel, and features more progressive trance vibes and another vocal from Sveta B.

Lullaby For Two is a fine example of taking uplifting trance and making it more deep and meaningful. There’s no massive drops and breaks, it’s the very definition of progressive. But yet it still features a lot of “uplifting” moments, there’s some big saw riffs, a drop and a pumping bassline. What makes it special though is that all those things are toned down. The break lasts all of 30 seconds and is right at the tail end of the song, the vocals aren’t overdone–Sveta’s voice is almost delicately spoken, the bassline compliments the vocal, the notes changing slowly but surely, complimented wonderfully by some understated synth riffs. It’s like Denis has struck the perfect midway balance between massive uplifting peak-time trance and ambient chill-out.

Out now on Beatport, Lullaby For Two marks what should be the start of a long-term relationship with Armada. Kenzo has very little presence at the moment–a search for his name reveals nothing more than links to his tracks, he doesn’t have a social media presence and we couldn’t even find a photo of him, but if he keeps making tracks like this, he’ll be one of the biggest names on the trance scene within a year.

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