May 18, 2012
Delta Heavy's Rabbit Hole
Delta Heavy - Get By (Delta 174 Mix) [RAM]
Delta Heavy - Get By (Original Mix) [RAM]
Delta Heavy - Make It Rain (Original Mix) [RAM]

It’s hard to believe that drum’n’bass duo Delta Heavy have only been on the scene for three years. In what was an explosive debut on Viper Recordings back in 2009, Delta Heavy’s tune Galaxy immediately turned the heads of the biggest DJs in d’n’b. After only two releases on Viper, DH’s undeniable talent caught the attention of RAM Records, who immediately signed the duo to an exclusive deal. Since signing to RAM, DH has remixed huge tunes from Avicii and Nero, and has quickly built an eclectic catalog of tunes ranging from moombahton to dubstep. Now the group is gearing up for possibly their biggest release yet in the form of a huge EP called Down The Rabbit Hole, set to drop May 28th.

The first track on Down The Rabbit Hole is the drum’n’bass edit of Get By, epitomizing the raw energy found in only the most combustible of dancefloor bombs. From its belting, high-pitched lead, to its detonating, mid-bass bursts, this tune sets a new precedent for volatility. Delta Heavy manages to add an additional layer of musicality with a pitched-up vocal sample and a funky piano interlude. For the dubsteppers, Delta’s 140 bpm version of Get By keeps the energy bubbling with its minimal house-meets-UK garage intro and seductive analogue melodies. Needless to say, the bass drop on this version is seismic, relentlessly growling underneath the high-pitched lead synth. DH took extra time crafting the lead synth on this edit, adding extra shimmer with subtle high-frequency modulation. Jump to the track entitled Make It Rain for a drumstep rinse-out with a complextro twist. The duo show their versatility on this track, tossing in everything from chirring vowel formants to bouncy, moombahton-styled synth stabs.

In what could be a candidate for EDM video of the year, Delta Heavy’s stop-motion video for Get By (see below) is absolutely brilliant. The group is setting a really high standard with two successive videos that tip the scales of creativity and entertainment. For those that missed their previous video for the track entitled Hold On, it is teeming with just as much originality as the video for Get By.

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