Apr 23, 2011
Definitely Not In Kansas
The xx - Crystalized (Minnesota Booty Remix)
Minnesota - Bass Power (The Frim Remix)

Electronic dance music is a relatively new genre as far as popular music goes. Until recently, it’s always been somewhat underground, and popular artists have always sort of popped up out of the woodwork. Today, EDM is a maturing genre, and may quite possibly be in its it’s golden age. That said, it’s no wonder that so many fantastic new producers within the EDM community are coming to the scene fresh out of college: some drop out, like Pretty Lights, while others just make music in their down time, like Minnesota. However, it looks like Minnesota will be following in the footsteps of Pretty Lights by taking a break from his studies at UC Santa Barbara to focus on music. I stand behind him wholeheartedly in his decision, because since I came across the music of Minnesota, I’ve been mesmerized; if his music isn’t already his passion, the music world is suffering for it.

Minnesota’s remixes and beats are on par with anything else out there, and for a mostly amateur act, he certainly sounds polished like a professional. If you weren’t already convinced of just how legit Minnesota is, his tracks have recently been lauded by everyone from MartyParty to Blackheart; from Rastatronics to Bassnectar—and he’s opened for the likes of Rusko, Benny Benassi, Flying Lotus, Excision, and RJD2. Clearly this sort of resume would showcase just how versatile his sound is.

Minnesota’s tunes are mesmerizing like highway hypnosis, melodic like birdsong, and bassy like a planet with a growling stomach. Listen to his remix of The xx’s Crystalized for a sample that will have you wanting to grab people off the street just to yell at them: “have you heard this?” If you like that, be sure to also check out The Frim’s remix of his track Bass Power—that is, if you think you can handle the deep, wompy goodness that it’s so aptly named after. For even more Minnesota, check out his SoundCloud page here.

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