May 26, 2011
Deep House By The Numbers
Tom Demac - Ten from Seventeen (Original Mix) [Liebe*Detail]
Tom Demac - This Is What I Want (Original Mix) [Liebe*Detail]
Tom Demac - Ten from Seventeen (Soulphiction Remix) [Liebe*Detail]

Manchester’s Tom Demac hit the ground running in 2011, with the fantastic Swimming On My Mind finding its way into many of the deepest late night rooms. Indulge & Lunge, his debut on Hamburg based Liebe*Detail features two more stunning originals backed up by a pair of seriously good remixes by label boss Soulphiction and Berlin standout Iron Curtis, who work their magic on A-side Ten From Seventeen.

Demac’s original Ten From Seventeen fuses the peculiarly Demac style of minimal funk with some fried, unsettling vocals and a bassline that squirms all over the place, begging for attention. Lilting piano chords offset the tension for a while before the second half of the track gives that bass the focus it deserves, stripping away the layers to expose the wriggling flesh beneath. This Is What I Want sees Demac changing tact; the bass now anchored while squirting synths dart around yet more uncertain vocals, the whole thing amounting to a sort of hypnotic acid lounge session.

Two rock solid remixes round out another top release for one of the UK’s hottest producers, with Soulphiction jazzing up the chords and allowing that unhinged bassline more room to breathe while the Iron Curtis cut is chopped and mashed with his usual palette of vintage synths and gloriously laid back percussion (see video below). Not to be missed.

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