Jul 11, 2011
Deathwave's Free Catalog
Deathwave - I Don't Even
Deathwave - Jack Her (Til She Screams)

New York-based electro talent Deathwave is making all his unreleased tracks FREE on SoundCloud! The retro-electro producer-at-large captured our ears last December with a rockin’ electro-dubstep mix that featured some of his top-notch productions. Over time, he’s consistently released solid tracks while continuing to innovate and improve his sound.

Deathwave, the dark-electro moniker of Nate Rodriguez-Vera, has a penchant for integrating old school sounds with new. Similar to other artistic industries like fashion, EDM is experiencing a cyclical effect, where “old” sounds re-emerge with time as fresh, “new” sounds. Deathwave’s works reflects a strong familiarity with these sounds, and you can see it in the results. While it may not be instantly evident to the casual listener, catchy dance tracks Jack Her (Til She Screams) and I Don’t Even make heavy use of acid house and Detroit techno influences. Check out his page and enjoy the free music!

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