Aug 17, 2010
Deadmau5 to DJ at VMAs

The Toronto-based sensation known as Deadmau5 is scheduled to be the house DJ at MTV’s Video Music Awards on September 12th at 9 PM Eastern. In case you live under a rock, the VMAs are an annual awards show that celebrate Pop Music’s biggest stars – and this year viewers will be able to tune in to see tha Mau5 in action. In past years, things have been a bit different – with house musicians such as Wale, The Raconteurs, and the late DJ AM with Travis Barker. This marks the first year that a true EDM performer throws down the jams. In a way, it’s a big reflection of how fast and hard the EDM wave has hit America. In his interview with MTV, Deadmau5 gives credit to artists like David Guetta and Lady Gaga for leading the scene and transforming the sound of mainstream music. “Dance wasn’t always considered pop, and people like Lady Gaga and [David] Guetta and those guys really brought it out to the commercial market,” he said about bringing his sound to the masses. “I’m just getting a lot more fans and God bless it, and that’s the goal of being an artist is to get yourself heard by any means possible.”

Deadmau5’s music has been played on MTV before; his hit single, Ghosts N’ Stuff ft. Rob Swire, was featured on the teaser promo for America’s Best Dance Crew, Season 5. There’s no doubt that he’ll be dropping that tune at the VMAs this year. So, tune in to MTV on September 12th to see the Mau5 in action. For more, check out MTV’s official interview here.