Jun 17, 2014
Deadmau5 Is Selling His Nyan Cat Ferrari

With the Gumball 3000 rally complete and the ambitious double-LP (While 1<2) freshly released, deadmau5 has decided to close the latest chapter of his life by selling off his Nyan Cat-emblazoned Ferrari 458 Spider.

For a cool $380,000, you can own the tricked-out ride affectionately known as the Purrari, which, in addition to its globetrotting Gumball cruise, has hosted countless producers and DJs on deadmau5′ regular Coffee Runs to Tim Horton’s. In fact, whoever purchases the Purrari has an open invitation from the mau5 to join him for one last trip to Timmy Ho’s for a cup of joe (but he’s not buying).

deadmau5 announced the plan on Twitter June 16, seeking advice from fans on the best place to auction off the car online. Apparently eBay wasn’t cool with a user with no feedback trying to sell a Ferrari, and deadmau5′ post on Craigslist Toronto was quickly flagged and taken down for unknown reasons. But the producer says he’s already received several potentially legitimate bids, and intends to find a more reliable place to list the vehicle as soon as possible.

deadmau5′ new album, (While 1<2), is out today on iTunes. Vinyl lovers, keep a close watch on deadmau5.com today to snag your copy of the limited 3xLP pressing when it becomes available. Still not sure if you want to drop almost half a mil on the Purrari? Maybe this video of the car/cat hitting 168 mph will sway you: