Mar 04, 2014
Timmy Ho’s Delivers On Custom deadmau5 Doughnuts

deadmau5′ fav flav in coffee, Tim Horton’s, crafted a custom doughnut for the Niagara Falls-born superstar in the only shape you’d expect–yes, a mau5 head.

After going public with his love for the Canadian drive-through chain with the Coffee Run series, Joel Zimmerman aka deadmau5 made a special request via Twitter.

The social media-savvy crew reacted with impressive execution… and frosting… resulting in this:

The Timbit tribute (Timbit is what Timmy Ho’s calls its doughnut holes) aren’t available to the public (yet), however they received countless duplicate requests almost immediately.

Props to Tim Hortons for the creative interaction. With that said, we’d like to officially order our <3 doughnut at this time as well, please and thank you.