Dec 19, 2013
Santa Mau5 Has Your Back

The jolly ol’ Joel Zimmerman, or deadmau5, has been on a hot streak advocating for his fans as of late, and in addition to dropping details on his new “Suckscription Service,” he’s managed to successfully protect his followers from inflated ticket prices.

Zimmerman seems to be using his personal subreddit as his Twitter methadone, as he’s picked the forum to hold his regular fan discussions like this one, bashing the $117 asking price for his Jan. 3 birthday event at New City Gas in Montreal, Canada. Our friends at YourEDM caught a thread on Reddit, in which deadmau5 vents on the injustice.

[The Stress] is real.

Fuckin serious? this is how i end my year? dealing with promoters WAY overcharging for tickets to whats supposed to just be a simple / fun bday shindig? Okay. awesome. throw me under the fuckin bus, make me look like i’d have the fuckin BALLS to charge people 100+ after xmas and new years when everyones just SO LOADED with extra cash to throw around. brilliant.

and trying to launch a fuckin subscription model at the same time and get that live by the end of this week, develop a show for 2014, some new touchscreen software, fuck man…. what else is going to fuckin go wrong before the year is out? cmon! gimme a break. :( halp.

After almost no time at all, he returns with good tidings.

it’s getting fixed. apparently “a mistake was made” yeah…. no shit. anyways. its being “corrected”. i got your back.

Zimmerman talked the promoter into dropping the price of general admission to $50 and even added a second date, much to the delight of his fans. What a guy. Get more info on tickets, etc. here.

He also shared details surrounding his self-described “Suckscription” across r/deadmau5, laying out the specs on the $5-a-month service.

CONFIRMED and locked in, the sub model will be 4.99$ yes! had to fuckin fight tooth and nail for it… but i did it, kept it under 5 bucks! (suck it… SUCK IT!) hahaha thats a total savings of 1 cent per month!!! woo! who loves you? i do.

and… this baby will be live in a week. :D maybe less (or maybe a day longer) who knows, we have to test a few things … make sure its solid before we unleash the horde on it. coz yeah, i dont want people to pay for a broken thing.

(plus i still have to upload all the content this week too… so theres lots of goodies available to you right off the bat… instead of a buncha nothing… so people dont be all like… okay, so.. whats here.” blah blah. ;)
im fuckin excited.

This won’t include some music from previous record labels, but will offer free new ones aplenty available immediately upon launch within days. Check back soon for an update and hopefully a link to deadmau5′ all new hub for the horde.