Feb 03, 2014
deadmau5′ Car Now Farts Rainbows

Well, the $250K Ferrari doesn’t actually flatulate prismatic light, but it is pretty amazing.

In what is surely the greatest tribute to the internet phenomenon known as Nyan Cat, deadmau5 covered his ride with the little Pop-Tart hybrid animal and its rainbow trail, no doubt setting a new speed record for the traditionally slow-moving meme. Joel Zimmerman, the man behind the mau5 head, shared pictures of his newly-skinned Ferrari (a 458 Spider, if our resident gearheads are correct) to his Facebook page Feb. 1.

deadmau5 nyan cat car

The work was presumably done at Sekanskin, given the appearance of the logo in the image. If you live in the Toronto area, keep an eye out for the flying cat made of breakfast pastries. Here’s hoping the rest of us will get to see this thing in action in the next round of his Coffee Run series.