Dec 20, 2013
deadmau5 Live Up And Running

deadmau5 launched his long-awaited “suckscription service” today, dubbed deadmau5 Live, offering fans a place to find new music, videos, pics, and interact with the mau5 himself alongside fellow die-hard followers.

Anyone can join for free, but most features won’t work until “All Access” membership is purchased at the aforementioned price of $4.99 monthly. Not a bad deal, considering how much music, videos, inspiring thoughts, and general interaction deadmau5 is known to offer his fans on a regular basis. He even shares some BTS insight into the testing phases of the platform with a few of the videos.

deadmau5 live

The new hub also offers a “WTF?” section, a concept we’re quite fond of already, and a “MSG BORED.” The chat feature is only available to everyone, but contributing is reserved for all-access members. Once a chat is announced, the site will randomly select four users for a specific period of time and allow them to chat with deadmau5 using actual voice communication. To top it off, the platform is also available as a native desktop application for Mac or PC, with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone apps coming in 2014.

Registering sends a heartfelt message to fans from their leader, which assures that they won’t be spammed:

Anyways, now i have a way to get in touch with you! Don’t worry, im not going to annoy you to death, or email you every time a new deadmau5 snuggie comes out in a different color.

How thoughtful. Register here, and we’ll see you on the “MSG Boreds.”