Mar 02, 2014
deadmau5 Is Coming To London With ‘Encounters’

If you live in London, put your tea time on hold because deadmau5 is coming to your city with an audio-visual experience that’s been promised to shake the bearskins off of British guards.

It’s been two years since deadmau5 last played in London and he definitely has a history of bringing impressive presentations to the big smoke, from making a 120 meter high tower dance its windows off in 2011, to transforming Flat Iron Square into a moving light circus a year later.

But now the teaser on his website tells us that he wants to come back with “his biggest performance ever,” titled Encounters. He’s yet to get too specific with what’s in store for this event, or whether or not he’s gonna be bringing this humanity-defining performance anywhere else, but it seems like there won’t be any Nokia product placement this time, so when Deadmau5 dominates the world with his deathstar (dead5tar?)-sized blimp, we’ll at least still be able to choose what phones we’d like to use.