Nov 07, 2013
deadmau5 & Colleen Moreaux ‘Drop The Poptart’

deadmau5 uploaded a spine-tingling sample clip of another work-in-progress today, featuring heart-wrenching vocals and a magnificent piano progression.

Strangely titled Drop The Poptart (the toasty little squares may have played a role in keeping the mau5 fed during production), the three-minute clip isn’t complete just yet, but does incite a huge amount of anticipation for the real deal once we get our ears on it. Always one to choose his collabs carefully, the melancholy voice of Colleen (D’Agostino) Moreaux of Cali rock outfit The Material takes the piano arrangement all the way from “wow” to “good God, holy sh*t.”

Get into deadmau5’s steady flow of WIPs and experiments on his SoundCloud. As for this one, he says, “it’ll get there at some point.”