Nov 23, 2014
UPDATE: deadmau5′ Studio Plans Thwarted By Salamanders

UPDATE: deadmau5 said today via Twitter that progress on his 45,000-square-foot studio complex has been halted due to a population of rare blue-spotted salamanders residing behind his house.

He and his Twitter fans had a few laughs at the expense of the small amphibian:

He also considered another approach:

But he reassured fans that the studio is still happening.

More on this as it develops.

Oh, pardon us; we almost forgot–how insensitive, bla bla bla, so on, and so forth.

deadmau5 is building a new 45,000 square foot studio complex for “actual musicians,” according to a recent Twitter post.

As far as his comment about “actual musicians” is concerned, we spoke to Joel first hand and gained a little extra information about the upcoming complex–it will be a “production facility for a bit of everything.”


The complex will be situated next to deadmau5′ new $5 million mansion located in a remote area outside of Toronto.

In other mau5-related news, his star-studded 5 Years Of mau5 remix compilation is set to drop Nov. 24.