Jun 21, 2010
Dead for Zed
Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter (Zed's Dead Remix)

Canadian dubstep duo Zeds Dead doesn’t play around. Well, they do play around…. mostly at bars and small gigs given their unsigned status. But don’t be fooled by that. The only reasons I can come up with for them being unsigned are a) they do whatever they want, and b) they don’t give a shit. Both are considered respectable attitudes in music.

Already power players in the Toronto underground scene, these guys are rising stars in the dubstep-loving UK and the internet through their frequented myspace. For unsigned, “underground” artists, having close to a million views on a Youtube song is pretty good. Plus, they’re looking for bookings for their upcoming UK tour – pretty much guaranteed to melt faces.

Speaking of face melting, that’s what happens when their stuff drops. As fellow Toronto producer John Roman puts it, they “bring originality and musicality to the dance floor without ever losing that HEAVINESS.” Their remixes infuse sweet melody with an utterly beautiful, original and DIRTY dubstep treatment. It’s so richly complex that you’ll be double-taking your own ears.

Like the Rolling Stones? If so, I can’t guarantee you’ll like this remix. But if you like dubstep, I can.

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