Aug 04, 2010
De-Lazify Your Life
L.B.One feat Alice Edun - One Day (Lazy Rich Remix)

Lazy Rich has a unique, funky sound that definitely distinguishes his work. In his latest remix of One Day, originally by L.B.One, we get a healthy dose of get-down funk accompanied by a great housy vocal from Alice Edun. I’m a particular fan of the vocal splicing at work here, which is used quite effectively. It’s almost as if the vocal track and musical track live separately, dancing around each other, combining and separating at key moments to amplify each other and keep you on the dancefloor.

Throughout most of the song there is some serious sidechain compression employed, which pumps this track full of energy. The effect is particularly noticeable during the short sections where the beat drops out but the synths continue to be pumped by the compressor. To get a good idea of what sidechain compression does, have a listen to the few seconds between 2:32-2:34.

Finally, the calmer, bridgy section starting around 2:55 is well-placed in the context of the overall track, and the non-splicing of the vocal here makes a lot of sense given the somewhat softer nature of this portion. This bit also leads up perfectly to the last major drop, which I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of.

Can’t wait to see what else Lazy Rich has in store for us!

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