Oct 05, 2012
D&B's New Emperor
Emperor - The Fire (Original Mix) [Neodigital]
Emperor - Smokescreen (Original Mix) [Neodigital]

How many people can say they’ve stepped behind the decks at the renowned London nightclub Fabric? How many of those people can say they’ve done it before turning twenty years old? This is the case for Halifax, UK resident Conor Corrigan, known to the drum & bass massive as rising producer Emperor. With his big release Avenger on Titan Impact last year, Emperor made significant inroads to becoming a top name in the crowded space of new artists in d&b–something not easy to accomplish in this booming era of bedroom producers. Now, the rising talent is poised to make even bigger waves with his latest release The Fire on Phace and Misanthrop’s Neodigital imprint–a digital-only subsidiary of the mighty Neosignal label.

The Fire/Smokescreen EP is bottled-up fury. First track The Fire is testament to how raw drum & bass can get–melted down and hardened into a dense block of bass waveforms and choppy transients. The unabating kick drum drives the song with deliberate disregard–dismissing the formulaic kick-snare pattern in favor of an endless salvo of thuds. At its highest frequency, the bass is lower than a snake’s belly, providing backdrop for the tune’s misty pad phrases. For a neurofunk workout, skip to Smokescreen, a track with a highly resonant bass lead and a breakdown that’s incredibly ethereal and cinematic. Both tunes are available on Beatport now.

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