Jul 24, 2011
Days Gone By
Dirty Vegas - Little White Doves (PANTyRAiD Remix)
Dirty Vegas - Little White Doves (Marco Lys Remix) [OM]
Dirty Vegas - Days Go By (MiM0SA Remix)

Veteran dance crew Dirty Vegas dropped a new album just a few weeks ago, returning from a seven-year hiatus. With standout tracks like Little White Doves and Electric Love, it’s clear that the trio’s sound has evolved since the days of their now infamous track Days Go By, throwing them back in the mix of indie-dance groups. But for a group like Dirty Vegas, one with such a long-standing following, the release of new music is far more than just that. It opens up a massive can of worms waiting to be remixed by the now vast, and ever-so-hungry world of modern EDM.

Stepping up to the plate with the gnarliest of the remixes is PANTyRAiD with their remix of Little White Doves. The song starts elegant and slow, something to dance to with your guy/girl, only to drop into a wrenchingly epic dubstep riff. The tune introduces a new section that sports these awesome scaling synths that really bring the song together. Also hitting the right notes with Dirty Vegas’ new sound is Marco Lys (who you may recognize as a frequent collaborator with Chris Lake), who brings an groovy tech-house remix of the same tune to the table.

Finally, for somewhat old time’s sake I’ve tagged on MiM0SA’s remix of Days Go By. The California glitch hop sensation doesn’t change too much of the original feel of the song, but his bassy roots are definitely apparent in this chilled out gem.

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