Jul 28, 2014
Wake Up To Manila Killa’s Remix of ‘All I Want’
Dawn Golden - All I Want (Manila Killa Remix)

They say it’s always better to give than to receive. All Manila Killa (pictured) wanted for his birthday this year was to give his fans a surprise remix of Dawn Golden’s All I Want.

Like the golden dawn of a new morning, Manila Killa’s remix slowly rises into a ravishing ray of sunshine, breaking through the morning sky with its bright composition and calming glow. The track builds on a blanket of morning melodies as intricate dewdrops of synth gently fall over Dawn Golden mastermind Dexter Tortoriello’s vocals, before melting away in the light of Manila Killa’s remix. It’s enough to make you want to close the curtains and crawl back into bed.

In celebration of his 21st birthday, Manila Killa has made his remix of All I Want available to download for free over on his SoundCloud page here.

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